CAN Errata on LPC4337

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I have a board with an LPC4337FET256 / ESD13450- and have currently some difficulties on getting the CAN1 interface running.
As I understand the Errata Sheet for Revision '-', CAN0 and CAN1 should work reliably, as long as you don't access the conflicting peripherals as DAC, ADC0, ADC1 etc. Is this correct?
Currently I don't use any of those peripherals so I should be safe.

I have a test firmware using LPCopen v2.09  that can send and receive on CAN0, but when I'm trying to switch the same code from CAN0 to CAN1 I still can send messages, but don't receive anything. A receive interrupt is triggered, RXOK bit 4 in status reg is set, but the expected bit in the interrupt register is not set, although message object 2 was set up for receiving (and this works on CAN0).

So I suspect some issue with message filtering. Could of course be some bug in my FW, but before I continue debugging I just wanted to clarify that what I'm trying to do actually works. Or is there some kind of other errata that can explain this behaviour?

EDIT: my code is running from DRAM, if this should be relevant.

And finally, what are NXP's plan for fixing this errata, i.e. when do you ship a new silicon revision?