LPC43xx Video/Camera/DVD/HDMI

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I have been working with an LPC4357 for a few weeks now though my questions stand for all devices in the 4300 series. I am trying to display a small motion video on an TFT LCD that is driven by the internal LCD controller.

You may see it in my last post here about the TVP5150 connected to my LPC4357 which basically went unanswered.

I have searched countless threads on the topic using Google and after working through the SGPIO part of it as well as coming to understand the BT.656 protocol (My fault for taking so long to come to this conclusion) I'm starting to wonder if this device is even capable of showing video without an impractical frame rate such as 1fps like previously tested.

I have searched for "Video", "showing multiple Bitmaps like a video", "HDMI", "DVD", "Camera", etc and I cannot find one single working example of someone showing video on their LPC43xx LCD. Most things seem to lead back to a competing part from ST, which does show their device in multiple places running video on the LCD.

The appnotes for the LPC43xx Camera Interface using SGPIO or SCT have both been useless for my application. And I cannot find this elusive BT.656 decoder as mentioned and clarified by my previous post.

So my long winded questions are, Is video on the LPC43xx even possible at a 720p resoltion? Are there any working examples out there of this? If not 720p, what resoltion am I practically looking at? (I am using an LPC4357 at 204MHz with 32Bit SDRAM)