external memory debugging

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hi all,
Sorry but my english is very bad!

My device:
CPU LPC4357                              X 1
Memory IC: MT48LC4M32B2P     X 1
Development Environment: IAR  7.20

I need to do an external memory debugging.

If Run directly ----------> HardFault_Handler,
OR Remove options"run to main" ----------> Stopped at the address 0X00000000.
address 0X00000000 value of 0X28100800,address 0X00000004 value of 0X280001E1,
View cpu registers "SP" and "PC" are 0X00000000,Manually modify the SP and PC for 0X28100800 and 0X280001E0 after ,Normal running.

Why ?
Who can help me fix the problem ?

Attach the test program.

Thanks in advance!

Original Attachment has been moved to: SDRAMTest.rar