Question on LPC4300 MP3 Player & Internet Radio Demo: Where does audio come out? What jumpers are needed for audio?

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Hello Bernhard,

first many thanks for the "LPC4300 MP3 Player & Internet Radio Demo".

I downloaded the (precompiled) hex files with FlashMagic on both flash banks.
After reset it starts and displays the GUI. I have connected Ethernet.
I can select "Internet Radio" and "Hit FM 104" and it seems to be playing. The second LED blinks
each second and sometimes a bit faster.
Third and forth LED is permanently on. So, so far it looks good.

Does it mean M0 and M4 are already correctly running?
Or could it be that only one of the cores is running displaying the GUI?

But where does the audio come out? I don't hear any music...

Is it coming via on board speaker or one of the connector for a headset?

There is a jumper for Codec/DAC, must it be in a certain position?
Is the ADC1 with potentiometer used to control volume or not used?

Any other jumper which are important when GUI is already running?

Some other ideas (for your list of ideas):
Create a possibility to add/change station list. (without changing the sources and recompile all the different/difficult things)
Perhaps list can be read from SD card,
or over the Internet (where? and how to configure it, perhaps a bit more complicated...)

Best regards,