Application ends up in NMI handler

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by alston_gama on Thu Oct 30 06:53:40 MST 2014

I am using LPC4357 controller development kit from Embedded Artist.

we have a secondary boot loader (SBL) to load an application's binary file from SD card to SDRAM and to execute from SDRAM.

I am able to execute Embedded Artist's sample code by using SBL properly.

Now i have integrated emWin graphics library to this project which partially works and causes NMI (Non Maskable Interrupt), that it ends up in NMI handler.

This is specifically found to cause due to 'Create Dialogue' function usage from emWin. (where as it works perfectly fine while executed from internal flash).

Note: If i do not use above function and keep updating the GUI for cursor movement based on touch, it works just fine!!

Any pointer with this regard would be highly appreciated.

Thanks :)