JTAG device scan problems

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Flo on Mon Mar 31 04:37:52 MST 2014
Hi there,

I am using a LPC4357 (Embedded Artists OEM Module) with Red Suite 5 and the Red Probe+. Recently I can't use the JTAG interface for debugging anymore (it was always used for debugging the Cortex M0).
It looks like the Debug Probe is not able to scan/find the devices correctly. There appears a list with 7 entries and the Cortex M0 entry is splitted up (as you can see in the attached image).

I still can programm both cores and also debugging the Cortex M4 using the SWD-Interface still works. The applications also execute regulary. I already created new debug configurations reloaded/reset the firmware to see if the issue lies there but nothing helped. The module is in use for almost one year now, so I don't think it is a configuration problem. May the MCU be damaged?

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