Firmware Image Header Creation

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by milind.mishra on Tue Apr 28 22:07:05 MST 2015

I have created a firmware image for a LPC43xx based device. I have to flash it to the SPIFI NOR on the board. Though, LPC has provided with DFUSec utility to flash the firmware due to unavoidable reasons I cannot use that utility.

So the next option with me is to flash the firmware using Flash Magic. The DFU Sec utility prepends the data with a boot image header following which we can successfully flash and execute the firmware. But the DFU Sec can add that header to a bin file

However, there is no such utility for prepend a Header to the hex file generated file, hence an image flashed to the NOR always fails to execute.

Any idea on how to add the header to the firmware?