SPIFI ROM API without In-Build Liabrary

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by stanley76726 on Fri Nov 02 02:31:42 MST 2012
Hi, all!

Now I'm trying to use the SPIFI ROM API with Keil MCB4300 (NXP 4357).

I have downloaded the 'SPIFI_Test' sample code from http://www.lpcware.com/content/nxpfile/lpc4350apdlzip, and it works fine.

However, it must use the 'spifi_drv_M4.lib' whose size is 38KB and turn on the 'USE_SPIFI_LIB' compiler option. The library is too big for me.

Here comes a revised version of spifi_rom_api.h:

#define  SPIFI_ROM_PTR    (0x10400118)
#define define_spifi_romPtr(name) const SPIFI_RTNS *name=*((SPIFI_RTNS **)SPIFI_ROM_PTR)
#endif /* OMIT_ROM_TABLE */

extern SPIFI_RTNS spifi_table;
#endif/* USE_SPIFI_LIB */

I turned off the 'USE_SPIFI_LIB' option without using 'spifi_table' which seems to be defined in 'spifi_drv_M4.lib', and directly assigned the

address of the SPIFI ROM dispatch table (SPIFI_ROM_PTR), but it never returned while calling 'spifi_init()' function.

Can I turn off the 'USE_SPIFI_LIB' option so that I can reduce the whole code size? Thank you!