LPC4330 - How to Access the High Speed GPIO

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I'm using the following functions to SET /CLR a GPIO pin (on the LPC4330 NGX Xplorer Board):

void GPIO_SetValue(uint8_t portNum, uint32_t bitValue)
LPC_GPIO_PORT->SET[portNum] = bitValue;

void GPIO_ClearValue(uint8_t portNum, uint32_t bitValue)
LPC_GPIO_PORT->CLR[portNum] = bitValue;

while (1)
{ GPIO_ClearValue(LED1_PORT,(1<<LED1_BIT)); GPIO_SetValue(LED1_PORT,(1<<LED1_BIT));

The Core is running at 180MHz, but the GPIO switching rate is just 5MHz.

Is there something else that need to be enabled in the LPC4330 to switch the GPIO pins at a higher rate?

Can the AHB bus frequency be increased?

I noticed that the GPIO registers are NOT mapped to the same bit-banding memory locations as the LPC1700 family.

Are the LPC4300 GPIO really High Speed?

What is the max switching frequency that can be obtained?

Thanks for your response.