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Problem receiving

Discussion created by Ezequiel Paolinelli on May 10, 2008
I`m sending bytes trough sci to pc, but not receiving what i'm supossed to, can anyone tell me why?
Here is my test code for a gp32.  9600 bd, 1 bit stop, no parity
main: rsp
          mov     #$00,CONFIG2  
          mov     #$11,CONFIG1   
          mov   #$20,SCBR      ; Baud Rate = 9600
          mov   #$40,SCC1      ; Enable the SCI peripheral
          mov   #$0C,SCC2     ; Enable TX and Rx
          lda   scs1    
REP:brclr   7,scs1,*
        mov     'H',scdr
        brclr   7,scs1,*
        mov     'E',scdr
        brclr   7,scs1,*
        mov     'L',scdr
        brclr   7,scs1,*
        mov     'L',scdr
        brclr   7,scs1,*
        mov     'O',scdr
        brclr   7,scs1,*
        jmp     REP
I also tried using    "mov  #'H',scdr"       but din't work neither.
This is what i get on Realterm Software in hex
EC 69 98 2F 09 6C 29 98 2F 2B EC 29 98 6F 09 EC 29 18 2F 09 EC 6B 98 2F
09 4C 29 98 2F 23 EC 29 98 6F 09 EC 29 98 2F 09 EC 29 98 2F 09 F6 8C 65............
This is what appears watching the ascii code
öŒe¥$zŒe¥$zLf¥$zŒe¥ä{Œe$zŒ%¥$zLf¥$zŒe¥Æ{Œe $zŒg¥$zNf¥${Œe¥Æ{Œe)˜/             
Œe$zŒe¥$zLf¥$zŒe¥Ä{Œe $zŒg¥$zNf¥${Œe¥Æ{Œe $zŒg¥$zŒe¥${Œe¥$zŒe)˜/)ì)˜o ........
Any help will be good.