SDRAM data shifts

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During a read write test of a SDRAM I get some sort of bitshift of the data.

The SDRAM is a Micron MT48LC16M16A2 (16 bit wide).

Configured as (Row, Bank, Column): 256 Mb (16Mx16), 4 banks, row length = 13, column length = 9


If i write, for example, 0x1234ABCD in an array of length 1024 (or whatever, length does not matter) and I read those locations back I get this:


pos[0] = 0xABCD1234
pos[1] = 0xABCD1234
pos[2] = 0xABCD1234
pos[3] = 0x12341234
pos[4] = 0xABCD1234
pos[5] = 0xABCD1234
pos[6] = 0xABCD1234
pos[7] = 0x12341234
pos[8] = 0xABCD1234
pos[9] = 0xABCD1234
pos[10] = 0xABCD1234
pos[11] = 0x12341234


Note that every 4th location is different and all the others are shifted (as it appears).


Anybody a clue what is going on here? Has this something to do with the burst length maybe?