LPC4323: can't debug it with lpc-link

Discussion created by lpcware Employee on Jun 15, 2016
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Content originally posted in LPCWare by cyba on Fri Feb 06 10:12:54 MST 2015
I'm working on a new custom target board with a LPC4323JBD144 micro (a new one nxp sample with blank memory), I'm trying to download a simple basic test program but lpc-link can't connect to the target via JTAG 10pin connection. LpcLink seems to detect 1 available JTAG Device, the target device is reported as: Target Device with TAP id 0x4906002b (see attached figure) but the device can communicate further.
I know that this situation is typical of a new hardware and a new board so I've checked for all the typical mistakes already detailed on lpcware forum.
I've already checked all the jtag pins on micro and verified the right signals, I've already checked the power supply and groud pins and they seems to be ok.
I also tried to program the simple code with flash magic starting with ISP by uart0 but flash magic says "Device signature doesn't match the expected values",  and when I try to program it give me the error message:"invalid value or command sent. Please try the operation again" (but flash erasing procedure, flash memory view, CRC check  seems to be right after the initial message "device signature doesn't match...")
Anybody can help me? Any idea about my problem?