USB controller hardware version / ISO OUT (RX) transfers and DQH MULT

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We have implemented our own replacement for the USB ROM API that uses the USB peripheral of the LPC4337 directly.
The manual (UM10503, 25.10.9) says

Remark: Exit criteria only valid in hardware version 2.3 or later. Previous to hardware
version 2.3, any PID sequence that did not match the MULT field exactly would be
flagged as a transaction error due to PID mismatch or fulfillment error.

So to be precise, hardware version <2.3 does not allow an endpoint whose DQH was initialized with MULT=3
to receive




(i.e. 1 or 2 transactions per microframe)

I think we're having trouble with this. How can we determine the hardware version we're using?
Is this a licensed IP core?