Unstable RAM access after changing speed to 204MHz

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Jon Reece on Wed Mar 27 02:36:30 MST 2013

I am using an EA OEM board for an application and I am trying to increase the speed of the processor to reduce the processing time. I have successfully changed the clock speed in steps following the BlickFast example. When I query the clock speed I now get 204000000 as expected. However, when I try and access the SDRAM the processor will disconnect from the debugger and I cannot stop/reprogram it.

Do you have an example of setting up the SDRAM peripheral to work at 102MHz with a core clock of 204MHz? The ISSI RAM chip that we are using, IS42S32800D-6BLI, should support bus speeds of upto 166MHz so I don't believe that 102MHz should be a problem. I am using the NS2CLK function to get the register timing values which implies that I should be able to change the clock speed and the ram *should* (as I understand it) work.

If you need any more information please let me know,