LCD Bandwidth Questions and Explanation of the Calculator

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Hi everybody,

I'm now trying to understand the LCD Bandwidth Calculator for the 18xx/43xx and the theory of the AHB-Bus.

The calculation for the framebuffer size is easy, it is the product of the resolution times the color depth in bytes. To determine the LCD Data Rate I take the Pixels for one frame and multiply this value with the refresh rate. So I get e.g. 640x480x60Hz = 18432000 Pixels/s = 18,432MPixel/s.

To get the Mbit/s value, we multiply the MPixel/s with the size of one Pixel. So 18,432 MPixel/s x 16 Bit/Pixel = 294,912 Mbit/s.
To get the MWords/s, we have to know that 1 Word = 32 bit. -> 294,912Mbit/s / 32bit = 9,216 MWords/s.

With the Note in the calculator sheet, we know that 1 Burst = 4 words. So we get 9,216 MWords/s / 4 Words = 2,304MBursts/s. Here I got the first question, but I could answer this question with the help of the LPC4357-User Manual and the EMC-Section.
A: For a 32-bit external memory bus the burst size is 4 words.

Now the next thing in the calculator sheet is to determine the duration of one burst in clock cycles. So the formula in the sheet is

Duration[clocks] = 7 + trp + RAS_Latency + CAS_Latency - 2 + 4 * 32bit/32bit

What do the given values (7 and - 2) mean?
4*32bit means the length of 1 Burst and the other 32 bit are the EMC Bandwith, or am I wrong?

So: Duration[clocks] = 7 + trp + RAS_Latency + CAS_Latency - 2 + 1Burst / EMC_Width?

The Busload is determined with (MBursts/s * Duration[clocks]) / EMC_frequency[MHz].

So the busload can be determined with the 'duration of all Burst per seconds' referred to 'EMC_frequency'?

The calculated busload is only the portion of the AHB Bus which is needed by LCD Controller reading from SDRAM. Additional to that there will be a portion used for writing pixel data from EMC-Controller to SDRAM and for reading image data from SD-Card?