LPCXpresso: debugging a core of two

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by dima2611 on Wed Feb 22 09:20:54 MST 2012

when I start debugging with Red Probe+, I'm told that it descovered two targets at the JTAG. Sounds like it is talking about both cores (M4/M0).

How can I say which is which since they have cryptical IDs and nothing more. And then, there is a catch 22: I'm asked only once per session. I cannot see (or I don't know where it is) what I have chosen. I cannot change my mind and switch to another core (I know I have to recompile the project anyway).


P.S. with some example projects I get "Error launching debug/xxx.axf

02: Failed on connect: Ep(04). Cannot halt processor.
Emu(1): Conn&Reset. Was: None. DpID:  BA01477. Info: FTV7DHR0A

Is the JTAG stuff really that buggy and unsure?... Or was it the wrong core which I cannot switch back?