How to find the correct timming values for the SDRAM controller

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I having some trouble understanding how the timming values are calculated.

If I look in lpc43xx_emc.c (from the PDL) line 198, there is a comment saying: "// calculated from xls sheet"

Is this xls sheet available somewhere ?

Ex. if I look at the value for DYNAMICRP it is set to 1. (in lpc43xx_emc.c line 198)
This should give a tRP of 2xCLK = 19.6ns (When running at 102Mhz)
But the datasheet for the SDRAM on the Hitex board states minimum 20ns (-7 speed)

Shouldn't the DYNAMICRP be set to 2 then ?
Or should the EMC_CLK_DELAY also be involved in the calculation ?

Also the DYNAMICRAS seems incorrect. This is set to 3 => 39.2ns, but the datasheet for the RAM states minimum 42ns

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