SPIFI library and different S25FL129P modules

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by costaem on Wed Dec 19 02:06:55 MST 2012
I am working on a Hitex LPC4350-A4 board, and I am creating a file system on the SPI Flash (Spansion S25FL129P), using the SPIFI library.

Basically, my problem is that the S25FL129P comes in different configurations, with 64KB or 256KB sectors. I am still trying to work out from the datasheet if I can change the configuration manually, but the main problem is that, while the default sector size on my platform is 256KB, our partners have another eval board with 64KB sectors (and I don't know yet what our customer has got...).

So, what I am asking is whether the SPIFI library allows us to change the configuration, or, as a bare minimum, to read the current sector size.