LPC4350 SD card benchmarking

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I'm hoping others will share their results here.  I've benchmarked the SD card using the Hitex EVA4350, a hacked version of the hitext_eva-4350_periph_sdmmc example code from LPCOpen to do a benchmark (I'll post the code if anyone cares), and a Sandisk Ultra 8GB SD card (actually it's a uSD with an adaptor).  It looks like the SD is being set up for 4-bit datapath and 25MHz clock (when I simply upped that clock to 50MHz in the code, the program failed).


<pre>Initializing RTC (might take few seconds)...Done</pre>
<pre>Hello NXP Semiconductors</pre>
<pre> </pre>
<pre>***SDCARD demo***</pre>
<pre>SD Card Benchmark, 1048576 bytes in 4096 blocks</pre>
<pre>Open root directory.</pre>
<pre>Directory listing...</pre>
<pre>    1048576  BENCH.TXT</pre>
<pre>Creating BENCH.TXT</pre>
<pre>BYTES WRITTEN: 1048576</pre>
<pre>CPU    SPEED: 204.0 (MHz)</pre>
<pre>START   TIME: 2072797338 (ticks)</pre>
<pre>END     TIME: 2274637693 (ticks)</pre>
<pre>Total time: 989413 (uSec)</pre>
<pre>Write time: 963147 (uSec)</pre>
<pre>Write speed: 1088 (kB/S)</pre>
<pre>Open &amp; read benchmark.txt</pre>
<pre>BYTES READ: 1048576</pre>
<pre>CPU    SPEED: 204.0 (MHz)</pre>
<pre>START   TIME: 2278692453 (ticks)</pre>
<pre>END     TIME: 2359377293 (ticks)</pre>
<pre>Total time: 395513 (uSec)</pre>
<pre>Read time: 393769 (uSec)</pre>
<pre>Read speed: 2662 (kB/S)</pre>
<pre>Open root directory.</pre>
<pre>Directory listing...</pre>
<pre>    1048576  BENCH.TXT</pre>
<pre>Test completed.</pre>


So basically, 1MB/s write, 2.6MB/s read speeds with 1MB data file, 4K chunks at a time.  Not very impressive.... maybe I'm missing something?