LPC43xx_I2C ready and tested ??

Discussion created by lpcware Employee on Jun 15, 2016
Content originally posted in LPCWare by khfreiberg on Wed Oct 03 17:22:55 MST 2012
I try to use the 'I2C_TRANSFER_INTERRUPT' and added 'I2C_MasterHandler' to IRQ list.
First, I do not know any controller which allow a parameter for an interrupt service, and it doesn't work.
So I edited the driver code to use 'LPC_I2C0' as fixed input. Now the data transfer works, but I do not get a callback as defined in my passed dataset of type 'I2C_M_SETUP_Type'. I searched for 'callback' but I do not even find a location where the callback pointer is used. There is no code ?!? 
Additionally, what is this doing in an interrupt driven code:

while(I2C_MasterComplete[tmp] != TRUE);

I expect that the routine returns immediately when I set it up for using interrupts.
The source file says revision 1.0 from 06/02/2011. Is there something newer available?