Beginners hints for LPC-Link2 as an LPC4370 evaluation board

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by OllieK on Fri Jan 17 20:28:42 MST 2014
Today, I was a beginner in LPC4370 programming using
- LPCXpresso IDE
- Two LPC-Link2 boards (OM13054)

I had difficulties to find the simplified instructions and hope that the following will be useful for other newbies.

1. Download LPCXpresso (www.lpcware.com/lpcxpresso/download)
2. Create a user account (www.lpcware.com)
3. Register LPCXpressor
4. Download LPC-Link 2 Configuration tool (www.lpcware.com/content/project/dfu-download-programming-utility-and-security-lpcdfusec-tool)
5. Both LPC-Link2 boards have one jumper connector.  Use one jumper on first board in JP2 (or connect USB power on second board).
6. Start the configuration tool (DFUSec.exe)
7. Select CMSIS-DAP LPC-Link 2 image
8. Enable Auto-Program (there is no program button in the board)
9. Connect USB cable to the first board
10. Wait that the red text in "Start Program" and "Verify Program" turns green in few seconds
11. Disconnect USB cable
12. Add the second jumper on first board in JP1
13. Use one of the small flat cables to connect J7 on first board (debugger) to J2 on the second board (target)
14. Connect USB cable again
15. In LPCXpresso, use the Debug Configurations option (down arrow from the green bug), select the Debugger tab
16. In Debugger Options under Target configuration, select Debug Protocol and cange it to SWD
17. Build your project and start debugger

Good luck with your new high performance board.  8-)