JPEG file over USB

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Ahmed13 on Thu Jul 03 01:03:08 MST 2014
Hello everyone,

I'm using a LPC43xx, and I want to send pictures from the SD card to the PC over USB.

I'm able to read and send data from the SD card to the PC (using f_open and f_read like in the example LPCopen sdmmc and using the WriteEP function to send the data over bulk IN USB)

On host side I have an app that is using external JPG library and re-assembling the data to make it a jpg file.
(For the moment I'm sending a PNG file from the SD card, sending only the data avoiding the headers).

The thing is I'm not able to re build a correct image, is there any function dealing with jpg for LPC ?
If anyone have already deal with this subject feel free to answer.

thank you very much,

Regards, Ahmed.