M4MEMMAP Register

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by MikeSimmonds on Sun Nov 16 05:17:21 MST 2014
I have been using the 1778 for a couple of years now, and I think I understand the clocks, emc and peripherals well enough.

I have now taken an interrest in the LPC-Link2 board [4370] and I am overwhelmed by the increased complexity of the
clocking and peripheral clocking and 'reset generation unit'. How ever, I feel that with some study time with the UM,
I can master these. And it is reassuring to find the e.g. the UARTs and the RTC are very similar (if not identical).

The boot process is also a lot more complicated (in the details) but I think I have 'got my head round' this too.

Where I am most confused is with the concept of memory mapping.
[Note: for now I am only interrested in single core -- M4 -- examples, and because I have the LPC-Link2 board,
booting either from memory via the DFU-Util and booting from SPI Flash (I'll worry about actually programming
the SPI Flash later.)]

It seems to me from my reading so far, that I can 'link my code' to address zero and use the same image both
from DFU download and from SPI flash depending on JP1 boot pin select. And I think that the rom boot code
will set the M4MEMMAP correctly for me.

Can anyone confirm my hypothesis. Are there and pitfalls to avoid?
Are there any special considerations for debugging one as opposed to the other?

Thanks for listening, Mike.