HSADC on LPC4370 question

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hi All,

What are the settings to allow the 12-bit HSADC in LPC4370 to generate a 0 - 4095 straight binary output for a unipolar input on, say ADCHS_0, from an input voltage of 0 to 1.2 volts approx.

At the present I have grounded ADCHS_NEG and tried different combinations of the DCINNEG and DCINPOS settings but I seem to get only half of the range.

For instance, with DCINNEG and DCINPOS both equal to HSADC_CHANNEL_NODCBIAS (0) and TWOS set to offset binary, an input range of 0.05 to .40 volts gives output values from 2148 to 3840 counts.

I think I may have to remove the ground on ADCHS_NEG so it floats and set DCINNEG = 1.

Could someone let me know that this is right.

Thanks in advance,