ADCHS of LPC4370

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I've bought LPC Link 2, because I'm interested in high speed data acquisition and DSP possibilities of LPC4370. But it was a big disappointment when I've tried to get something out of ADCHS in LPC4370.

I've downloaded and installed time limited evaluation version of IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM v.6.70.1 and corresponding LPCOpen v.2.02. In periph_hsadc example I've tried to modify ADCHS_IRQHandler to get data out of ADCHS by adding
Chip_UART_SendRB(LPC_UARTX, &txring, (const uint32_t *) &sample, sizeof(sample));
after sample was captured. But it seems that sample does not contain any data at all - there are no output of samples on UART.
UART is working fine, I've done all needed UART initialization similar to uart examples of LPCOpen.

I've added hsadc.c that I've modified for my needs.

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