LPC4350 - DAC problem

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Antony on Fri Oct 05 07:15:54 MST 2012
I have some problem with DAC.
After configuring using driver lpc43xx_dac and selecting analog function in ENAIO2 the E3 pin (analog pin ADC0_0/ADC1_0/DAC in LPC4350FET256) remains stable and have 3.0V voltage level.
How do I configure DAC (from lpc43xx_dac driver):
/* Set default clock divider for DAC */
//Set maximum current output
//Select pin function - DAC
p->ENAIO2 |= (1<<(0));// At that stage pin E3 goes to 3.0V

After configuring I am trying to set some voltages on the DAC output, but the voltage remains the same (3.0V).
tmp = DACx->CR & DAC_BIAS_EN;
tmp |= DAC_VALUE(dac_value);
// Update value
DACx->CR = tmp;

Looks like I have missed something.
Also looks like I stuck:)
I will kindly appreciate any help.
Thanks in advance.