debugging no more possible with lpc4357 + NXP LPC-LINK

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Hi ,

I was debugging a SDRAM test application on my board from LPCXpresso v7.9.2 and found some issues with code. Stopped the current debug session and when started the next session, all of sudden I am not able to download code to micro. Until the problem occurred I was able to debug completely.

I get below errors

LPCXpresso Debug Driver v7.9 (Aug 11 2015 15:47:31 - crt_emu_lpc18_43_nxp build 262)
Failed on connect: Ee(07). Bad ACK returned from status - wire error.
Connected&Reset. Was: NotConnected. CpuID: 00000000. Info: HID64HS12
Error 0: OK
Last sticky error: 0x0 AIndex: 0
Debug bus selected: MemAp 0
DAP Speed test succeeded after adjusting speed 31 times
Debug protocol: JTAG Frequency 3000 KHz. RTCK: Disabled. Vector catch: Enabled.
(100) Target Connection Failed
02. Failed to connect
Bad ACK returned from status - wire error
Emu(0) COnnected&Reset. Was notconnected.CPUID: 000000.info.HID64HS12

Error in final launch sequence
Failed to execute MI command:
-target-select extended-remote | crt_emu_lpc18_43_nxp -msg-port=25322 -g -mi -2 -pLPC4357 -vendor=NXP -vc -e0 -wire=hidjtag -scan C:\\Users\\srv2kor\\Documents\\LPCXpresso_7.9.2_493\\workspace\\freertos_blinky\\Debug\\freertos_blinky_Debug.jtag -cache=disable -flash-driver=LPC18x7_43x7_2x512_BootA.cfx
Error message from debugger back end:
Remote communication error.  Target disconnected.: No error.
Remote communication error.  Target disconnected.: No error.

Please help to recover the debug.