RTC wakeup interrupt using FreeRTOS

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I am working on a project which requires to go to deep power down mode after certain period of time using tickless mode of FreeRTOS and wakeup after RTC alarm interrupt is generated.

I am using FreeRTOS blinky demo to start with, and right now there are two tasks led blinking and RTC alarm interrupt generation every 5 seconds.

I have managed to create a task which generates RTC alarm interrupt using FreeRTOS demo code. My problem is after first RTC alarm interrupt, RTC never triggers any alarm even if task is created to re-initialized RTC after every alarm interrupt. 

FreeRTOS is not hang as I can see LED blinking as expected.

Can anybody tell me what I am doing wrong and guide me how do I achieve my goal I stated in first line with some FreeRTOS example.

Is Interrupt Processing using Semaphore is required?

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you,