LPC4337 USB0 failure: suddenly disable

Discussion created by lpcware Employee on Jun 15, 2016
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Content originally posted in LPCWare by andres.cass on Tue May 17 09:54:18 MST 2016
I am working with LPC4337 trying to make a CAN-USB translater. I use as base the vcom example, configuring the LPC4337 USB0 as virtual serial port. It was working very well but suddenly the PC stop recognicing the virtual COM. I am still able to connect to the LPC4337 through JTAG or SWD (LPC-Link II), download a firmware and debugging but the PC still not recognicing it as a virtual COM, not even as an "Unrecognized device". It is like there is nothing connected to the PC.

It's happened with two LPC4337, I want to know what could caused it and if there is any way to solve it.

Thank you.