How to reduce the Helix MP3 decoder decoding time for LPC4350 (M4)

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Hi All,
        Am using Hitex Board-LPC4350(M4,M0) for audio application. Referring AN11178( MP3 player solution on NXP LPC1700 series) document and took the helix MP3 decoder code from
https://datatype.helixcommunity.org/Mp3dec . In M4 using  is code to decode MP3  to PCM Conversion .

M4 Core SPEED : 192MHZ

I2S configuration : 16bit,MONO,44.1kHZ.    
   MP3 files is  reading from SDCARD. For 4K data read time : 2.8ms.
  To decode one frame using Helix MP3 decoder : 110ms.
DMA transfor : 12ms  
For MP3, the duration of playing a single frame is fixed at ~26 ms.
How can I reduce Helix MP3 decoder decoding time?
As per AN11178 document helix MP3 decoder code is optimized for Fixed point decoder.
How can i choose fixed point decoder in my application?
Tried the option like in KEIL project “target”--floating  point hardware  Not used
No change in timing (110ms). How can I reduce MP3 decoder decoding time to 8ms from 110ms?