Using DFUSec to run program from IRAM

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by twiceferrel on Wed Dec 05 13:47:43 MST 2012
I'm using an LPC-4350-DB1 board from diolan.com to test things.

Using the DFUSec tool from this website, I can load and run a program (just blinking an LED to test) using the "HDR/RAW modes" tab. However, when I use the "Program mode" and give it the 'dfusecp_emiram.bin.hdr' programming algorithm included as an example with the DFUSec tool, and my binary (with a header) added as the file to run, the file seems to be downloaded properly, but doesn't run on my device.

I'd give specifics about the parameters I'm using with the tool, but I've tried tons of different combinations and nothing seems to work. The DFUSec Tool says (for example):

**Attempting to process programming step 0**
Download Complete.
Waiting up to 4s for device detection after initial download
Device detected: Starting programming API
Inserting checksum at 32-bit offset 7 in image
Target program buffer size = 2048 bytes
Size of image to send = 4964 bytes

And then Host St and BoardSt both say "Programming operation successful".

I expect my program should run after being loaded with the IRAM programming algorithm. Am I missing something?

Thank you very much!