LPC43XX frequently switching BASE_M4_CLK

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I wonder if it's ok to periodically switch BASE_M4_CLK between frequency ranges (low - medium - high). My task is not to save as much power as possible, but to reduce the overall heat dissipated by the MCU.
I have developed a High-Speed USB peripheral device with LPC4323, it periodically does an intensive work at a maximum core frequency 204MHz, the rest of the time it just waits for incoming data.
It's a waste to leave the core at that fequency all the time, I have made some measurements, my device consume about 170 mA while waiting. If I reduce the  BASE_M4_CLK down to 48 MHz, the current drops down to 80 mA.
I am not concerned about the efficiency, it's the heat that bothers me, the MCU is really hot when working constantly ay 204MHz.

So, the idea is to have the BASE_M4_CLK at 48MHz while the device is idle and step up to 204 MHz on starting the calculations. But, these transitions might be quite frequent, let's say once every 5 seconds.

Has anyone done anything like that? Are there any pitfalls, unstable behavior of the core or some other implications?

Thank you.