LPC43xx SDRAM working at high frequencies

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by michele_sponchiado_windows on Tue Jun 30 05:59:20 MST 2015
I am using the LPC43xx and I've evaluated some boards (WaveShare 4357, EA4357).
In none of these I was able to achieve a SDRAM working frequency bigger than 150MHz.
If I increase the frequency to the next PLL step, I never found a setup where the system works fine, because typically HardFault arise when e.g. using the external memory as a memory pool, or as a heap etc.

I tried changing sfsclk settings as set in AN11508, changing the emc delay clock, using only the CLK1 signal to interface the SDRAM, but without success.

Has anyone every succeded running a SDRAM to frequencies higher than 150MHz?