changing SPIFI clock

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by mhamm on Mon Jul 09 06:50:57 MST 2012

I am having trouble with the configuration the SPIFI interface. I have created an application which increases the SPIFI clock to 80MHz while running from the flash. This works while debugging when the flash has previously been programmed by the debugger. But when I reset the board, the code hangs when setting the SPIFI clock to 80MHz. The code runs as long as I do not increase the clock to more than 70MHz.

I have also found out that it is possible to switch the clock to 80MHz if I previously use spifi_init() from the spifi lib, but unfortunately I can not call this function when it resides in SPIFI memory itself. I suppose that I have to do some changes in configuration of the SPIFI driver, but there is no documentation about this driver, and I can't find the source code of the spifi driver library anywhere.

Does anybody know if there is documentation of the SPIFI configuration, source code of the driver library, or any other possibility to increase the SPIFI clock while running from flash memory?