LPC4357 and TVP5150 Video (BT.656 / YCbCr)

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Hi Everyone,

I’m starting to develop with an LPC4357. I’ve migrated from the LPC1788, mainly because the added performance of the LPC43xx  is stated to be capable of running video.

I’m trying to run video on my LPC4357 using a TVP5150 Composite NTSC to ITU-R BT.656 conversion chip and an 800*480 7” TFT LCD. I’m having a very hard time getting this to work on the SGPIO lines via modifying the camera SPGIO example that’s provided by NXP.

I saw one NXP video where it was explicitly said by the presenter that there is a BT.656 example available for the LPC4357 out there, but I can’t seem to find one any example coding for it. Has anyone come across that?

Also, I’m making very slow progress with this chip, but the last change gave me the ability to see a bit of the potential refresh rate. I’ve read it is possible to do 30fps at 1024*1024 resolution, but this barely does 1fps at 800x480. When I run example programs on it as well showing the refresh rate, it seems that there’s also a lot of flicker with those, particularly with emWin examples.

Are there better examples out there to work with BT.656 and the LPC4357, or has anyone worked with the TVP5150 and the LPC43xx series that has any input on potential issues, problems or changes that I have to make?

Thanks in advance,