Standalone lpc4330-minimal pcb requirements

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This could be a basic question but...... I know an atmega328 chip would only need the power, external oscillator, for it to get programmed first mosi,miso,sck power and rst pins would be used to burn the bootloader and then an ftdi programmer can be used to program the chip using tx,rx and rst.
Similarly Im to design a custom board for lpc4330 mcu

What would be the minimum requirements to get the chip running and to get programmed.
all power pins provided with a clean 3.3V
all ground pins connected to ground and?

I am hoping an 12MHz oscillator to be connected to Xtal1 and Xtal2 pins with the ground caps of 39pf. Is there anything else Im missing??

So for the programming I have seen the JTAG pins on the IC. Can I just hook up an usb blaster to the relevent JTAG pins and start programming.??

Thank you.