LPC43 user manual PLL0AUDIO fractional: what is "L"?

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The user manual for the LPC43xx parts (UM10503) states in section 12.7.5 "Fractional divider for PLL0AUDIO":

When the fractional divider is active, the sigma-delta modulator block generates divider
values M and M+1 in the correct proportion so that an average division ratio of M+K/L is
realized where 0<=K<=L and M, K, and L are integer values. M Is determined by the
integer part of the PLLFRACT_CTRL register (PLLFRACT[21:15]) and K is determined by
the fractional part of the PLLFRACT_CTRL register (PLLFRACT[14:0]). Consecutive M
and M+1 values are then further encoded into appropriate MENC values before being
presented as input to the M-divider.

But what is L? One might assume that it is 2^14, but apparently that's not it. Am I overlooking something obvious or is that just not mentioned anywhere?

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