Spifi library problem: reading from invalid address

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by hlsa on Tue Sep 03 22:27:04 MST 2013
Since I have not received an answer regarding a spifi problem in the peripherals forum (see http://www.lpcware.com/content/forum/spifi-library-non-keil-development), I will give it another try here.

The problem is quite simple: the SPIFI-library does not work.

Here is my code:
void FvSpifiInit(void)
int32_t ret = 0;

LPC_SCU->SFSP3_3 = SSP_IO | 3; /* P3_3: SPIFI_SCLK */
LPC_SCU->SFSP3_4 = SSP_IO | 3; /* P3_4: SPIFI_IO3 */
LPC_SCU->SFSP3_5 = SSP_IO | 3; /* P3_5: SPIFI_IO2 */
LPC_SCU->SFSP3_6 = SSP_IO | 3; /* P3_6: SPIFI_IO1 */
LPC_SCU->SFSP3_7 = SSP_IO | 3; /* P3_7: SPIFI_IO0 */
LPC_SCU->SFSP3_8 = SSP_IO | 3; /* P3_8: SPIFI_/CS */

/* Enable clock source for SPIFI */
LPC_CGU->BASE_SPIFI_CLK = 1<<24 | 1<<11; /* clock source IRC 12 MHz */

ret = pSpifi->spifi_init(&obj, 3, S_RCVCLK | S_FULLCLK, 12);

pSpifi points correctly to spifi_table, which is linked into my program code (0x1a035198). The spifi functions from the library are also correctly linked into the program (e.g. spifi_init at 0x1a01309c).

During linking, I get the following warning:
ld.exe: warning: C:\T\IPD10G2\M4\Bsp\Cmsis\spifi_drv_M4.lib(spifi_rom_api.o) uses 2-byte wchar_t yet the output is to use 4-byte wchar_t; use of wchar_t values across objects may fail

Running the program ends in an exception.
I debugged the assembler code of the spifi library: in the init function a ldr-Instruction loads data from 0x29004018 (see screenshot), which is obviously an invalid address.

I use the library which is mentioned above (file size: 35468 bytes). My controller is a LPC4357.

What's going wrong?

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