hd design for fast execution

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Hi all,
sorry for the dummy q here...

i want to use full power of 204mhz CPU having of ~1Mb binary that needs ~250KB of ram and can't come up with hw design.

My problem is that 104Mhz Quad SPIFI is ~x30 slower then internal SRAM. Code partitioning is not the option.

Fastest that i can imagine is that i copy all the code to external 32bit SRAM that run at 204mzh but still it looks like it is ~x2 slower than internal SRAM or even internal Flash? For external SRAM i need custom board that is also no option for me.
External SDRAM boards exist. Is SDRAM much slower than SDRAM?

what are other options for me to get close to internal SRAM execution that is good enough for my appl?