SPIFI Library Source and Micron N25Q128A Flash

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Hi there,

im developing with the NXP LPC4350/70 MCU and trying to incorporate the Micron N25Q128A13ESE40 flash to be accessable for erasing and writing. I've already written an bootloader/firmwareloader to be able to update the firmware stored in flash. This is working for a Spansion FL256S/128S flash. For this i've used the SPIFL Library Source 0.06 beta and adjusted the spifilib_fam_spa_2b_pstat.c driver file so it's working with the Spansion flash i'm using.
Now i've to support the already named Micron N25Q flash. The problem is, there is no similar driver file which fits as good as the Spansion one.
I've already spent time on adjusting the Spansion driver file to support the Micron flash, but until now unsuccsessful. Is there already a cappability of supporting this Micron flash i didn't know about or whats the key parameters i've to consider to make it work.
First of all i've tried to make the deviceGetID() function working, but the flash device doesn't respond so i'll get the id 0xFF ...

Thanks for assistants
best regards sebastian