SPIFI FRAMEFORM ( Values 0 and 1)

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Hi everybody,
another day another problem ;)

Still working on SPIFI and I'm a bit puzzled  about the FRAMEFORM in in registers MCMD and CMD. I read the used value (defaulted by the ROM) and see a usage of the 0xEB command (which is fine) but with the FRAMEFORM value 0x00. This value is marked as "reserved" in the UM10503 (Latest Version 2.1 from Dec 2015, p. 634).

Additionally, the CMD also knows 0x01 as Opcode only, no address, while this is unknown to MCMD (perhaps because this will not work in memmode?). But 0x00 is "Reserved" there, too.

From what 0xEB opcode is doing I'd say 0x6 would be the correct FRAMEFORM but why is 0x0 used then?

I'm using the LPC Link2 4370 eva board (wibond W25Q80BV Flash, using the manual of the chip as reference)