Where to find the correct  flash programming file for SPIFI on LPC43xx

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by devil1979 on Mon Feb 09 00:36:40 MST 2015

I am currently trying to use Keil and ULINK2 to download the fireware to CMUcam5, www.cmucam.org, which is utilized the LPC4330FET256. But I could not find the correct flash programming algorithm in 'lpc43xx-2013-09-04.zip'. The proper programming algorithm should be 'SPIFI on LPC18xx/43xx@14000000 Ext. Flash SPI 64M 14000000H-17FFFFFFH' instead of 'SPI-Flash_LPC18xx@14000000 128M Ext. Flash SPI 14000000H-1BFFFFFFH'. I wonder if you could provide me the proper flash programming algorithm for Keil. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much.