Is it possible "map", "transfer" or "create" IRQn_Handler to other Core?

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Hey there,

I have the following scenario:

I have a LPC4337, the Cortex M4 will control the application and the Cortex M0 will control the peripherical (SPI, GPIO INT e etc).

With the Cortex M0, I want control 5 external interrupts by the GPIO's, but I saw in the "startup file" of the Cortex M0, there is only the Handler  "GPIO4_IRQHandler". When I checked the "statup file" of the Cortex M4, I saw the same "GPIO4_IRQHandler" and the others 7 IRQn_Handler.

The question is... Can I transfer, map or create a GPIO1_IRQHandler, for example, on startup file of Cortex M0?

I need control these PINS by the Cortex M0...

Thanks very much!