LPC4357 LPCXpresso Multicore M0 Issue

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Hello All,

I am using an Embedded Artists LPC4357 dev kit and have started to work with getting both the M4 and M0 cores up and running. I have started with the most basic approach of using the LPCXpresso project creation wizards to create LPC4357 multicore projects, following the Code Red Wiki "LPC43xx Cortex-M4 / M0 Multicore Applications".

The M4 seems to work fine; I can debug the default sample program and everything is in order. There are however some problems with the M0 core. When debugging the M0 I get a message "No source available for "0x0", and the static variable in the sample main() is not initialized to zero as it should. Any breakpoint set is also not stopped at, until you set one after the debug session has started. See the attached images for how it looks.

I have tried both LPCXpresso 5.2.4 and 5.2.6 with the option to to locate the M0 image in Flash Bank B, and with 5.2.6 to locate the M0 image in 2nd RAM bank. The result was the same in all cases.

I have attached a .zip with the projects exported from 5.2.6, including all memory maps, link files, launch configs etc. plus the .png images from above.

I look forward to having some information on what the problem is and how to get the M0 to work as it should.

Many thanks,

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