Apparent buffer overflow when using DMA with HS ADC

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I'm running the HS ADC at 12MHz and, using the LabTool code as a basis for capturing a block of samples, sampling a 10kHz Sine Wave. I'm not interested in trigger levels.

Using a waveform generator attached to the EXP_ADC0_DAC input of my LPC Link 2 board I can capture 8192 packed samples to SRAM (0x2000 0000 -> 0x2000 4000). However, when I dump them out and plot them (see 12kHz Sine image) I observe what appears to be either missed samples or a wrap around, I suspect the later. If anyone can identify the glaring mistake I'm making it would be appreciated as I clearly cant; Am I not terminating the process correctly in the ISR or is it a configuration issue?

Thanks in advance.


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