Not able to run __lpc43xx_dualcore_freertos_basic  program from external flash

Discussion created by lpcware Employee on Jun 15, 2016
Content originally posted in LPCWare by srinu282 on Fri Jul 13 03:15:28 MST 2012
Hi All,
         AM having Hitex development board:LPC4350.i want dual core IPC code for LPC4350.i got the dual core code from following link
1.m0 project built with FLASH configuration.
2.M4 project built with FLASH configuration.
3.JUMPERS: BOOT1 : 1-2,BOOT2 : 1-2,BOOT3 : 3-4,BOOT4 : 3-4(I need to boot from EMC 16 bit).
4.loaded image in to board using ULINK2.
5.started debugging using ULINK2.both cores are communicating and M4-RED,M0-bule,shared memory-Blue leds is blinking.
         Till here every thing is working fine. when i RESTART HITEX board getting "HardFault_Handler " Exception and stopping here.
i want to run dual core program from EMC 16bit on Hitex board : 4350. 
  please help me to get out off this problem ..