How Select DAC Pin...?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by h.lotfi on Sat Dec 06 04:29:47 MST 2014
i have problem with LPC4357 DAC!!!
i don't know how can i select DAC mode of Analog pins!!!
i want use pin number 8 (in LQFP208 Package), this pin share with ADC0_0 ,ADC1_0, DAC
How can i selec ADC1_0 or DAC Mode in this pin?

and when i want use DAC in P4_4 pin ,i just add this line:
LPC_SCU->ENAIO2 |=(1<<0);

but this pin also doesn't work...

anye body can help me?

i see 3.3V on those pins, and i connect LC filter on VDDA.