LPC4088 and serial expansion connector

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I'm trying to run this display with a EA OEM Base Board. Connected is the display to the serial expansion connector.
To controll the display, I use the example project from EA and modified the header-files with the pin configuration. And here I've some issues. In the LPC4088 OEM Board Users Guide the SPI ports are related with P5.0, P5.1, P5.2 and the comment "SSP#2 is used". But in LPC4088 User Manual P5.x have no SSP2 function. Only P1.0, P1.1, P1.4 and P1.8 have this.
Now I've got no idea how to configurate the SPI ports right.
I tried it with this:

  PINSEL_ConfigPin (1, 0, 4);
  PINSEL_ConfigPin (1, 4, 4);
  PINSEL_ConfigPin (1, 1, 4);

Thanks for the help,