LPC40xx availability

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Hi All,

Would anyone like to share their experiences of obtaining production parts on an on-going basis? I know that NXP have a 10-year guarantee on the production of some parts, but there never seems to be more than a few hundred of anything available anywhere in the world. I was looking at moving an existing design to the LPC17xx a while ago, but was a bit concerned about availability. I've since decided that the LPC40xx family would be a better bet. However, although we only manufacture in very low volumes, I'm shocked at the lack of product availability, particularly in the UK and particularly in the lower pin count LQFP packages. Even if I look at international suppliers, I might find a few hundred in stock in one particular package (say LQFP100) from one particular supplier. Other packages are generally shown as 0 stock, x weeks lead time, none on order. The parts look fantastic, but is it a reliable design-in? This isn't a recent perception. I've been monitoring availability for more than a year. Anyone have experiences they wish to share?

Thanks in advance.

Nick Tipping