minimum signals required to trigger an interrupt for I2S receive

Discussion created by lpcware Employee on Jun 15, 2016
Content originally posted in LPCWare by jdowd on Mon Jul 14 11:55:33 MST 2014
I'm trying to test my new driver for the I2S i/f.

I have it configured to be a slave, 16-bit stereo with the trigger level set to 4 words.

I have a device that can generate most any kind of digital signal pattern (USBEE SX from www.usbee.com) using up to 8 signal lines. So far I have tried to create a single frame of data and send it to the LPC4088 but I'm getting no Rx interrupt triggering. I have the register dump of the I2S registers:

DAO:            0x00000021
DAI:              0x000003e1
TXFIFO:       -- WRITE ONLY --
RXFIFO:       0x00000000
STATE:        0x00000007
DMA1:          0x00000000
DMA2:          0x00000000
IRQ:              0x00040401
TXRATE:      0x00000000
RXRATE:      0x00000000
TXBTRTE:    0x00000016
RXBTRTE:    0x00000016
TXMODE:     0x00000000
RXMODE:     0x00000000

I would assume that in order for the receive interrupt to go, you need to have the NVIC enabled for that IRQ as well as external signals consisting of only the clock and the WS pin.

Any advice or information would be appreciated.